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Archive for March 21, 2012

The old crab

a house, like the shell of some strange ocean dwelling creature,
never-changing, only thickening, intensifying with a perfume of years,
as salty as the thick mist that coats the sea at midnight.

A visitor approaches and the defenses go up
grasping and pinching she tucks her possessions
tightly to her, peering over the top with wild eyes
that see in all directions, guarding and protecting
what’s left of her life.



To make up for the last two posts, here’s a silly one that I wrote when I was living in an RV. in a state park.  ;).

whip tail, fluff tail, branch to roof to yard,
eye glow, night show, chitters in the dark,
claw hands, paw hands, clever fingers moving fast
trash cans, clash cans, isn’t this a lark?

mask face, task face, watching for a light,
light now, fright now, disappear into the night,
helter skelter scamper climb, clang of dropping can,
safely into silent hole, hidden from the man.

Frozen Rain (trigger warning: sexual abuse, children)

silent faces, screaming eyes,
adult thoughts in a young childs guise
knowledge gained too soon, too late
disguised as love, but dispensed as hate
faces stiff with silent pain
tears backed up like frozen rain

Little Flowers (trigger warning: abuse, children)

curly heads and shining faces
frightened eyes behind the walls
little targets, little weapons,
back and forth like ping-pong balls
angry voices, violent actions
little faces blind with pain
staring out of curtained windows
flowers turning toward the rain

Maybe easier to read now, if not as pretty.

Changed themes, so it’s not so much black letters against green.  Can still see the pretty trees in the background, thank goodness.  😉