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Happy Birthday, Kyotzeta!

Tomorrow is my birthday! Well, my blog, at least. 😉 One month ago tomorrow I opened this blog on the advice of Kit McConnell, one of the authors in my writing group. It was only meant as a place to put my -old- poems, as stated in my main page (which I have -got- to fix, it looks awful!) however, the way things stand today I’ve written more new work than I’ve posted old!

Not that I’m complaining, mind. I’ve written more this month than in the last 10 yrs. combined! And it’s all thanks to you, my new best friends (*cough*) loyal readers. I have 30 followers!! I really never expected to have 4 or 5, and I love you all. I love you all for the talented, wonderful, supporting and confidence boosting (“To the moon, Alice!”) people that you are! *hugs*

Now to the meat of this post. I was wrestling all night with how to make tomorrow special in some way, and other than writing about it (which will most likely happen, but reminds me of a medieval reenactor wearing their medieval clothes for Halloween. The modern version of a “Busmans Holiday”) I couldn’t imagine what I could do!
Then I got on this morning, and realized I had been looking at it backward. Instead of it -being- special, why not use it to -do- something special? I’ve been seriously pondering making up a little collection/zine/book thing to promote knowledge of all the hidden things out there…all the “social commentary” things that I write. As a charity effort or fundraiser or something. Obviously it’s not finalized, but I had an interesting idea.

As my stuff is obviously not enough to fulfill the nature of a collection of that sort, even with all the new stuff I will undoubtedly write before then…I’d like to ask you all a huge favor. I know some/all of you are published authors/poets/artists in your own rights, so if the answer is no, I’ll understand.
Can any of you who can/want to, contribute something to the collection? Not money, of course. But anything else will be considered and most likely included. Poems, stories, articles, photos, whatever! Of course it goes without saying (or should 😛 ) that everything submitted must be your own work or something you have permission to use in this manner, and that every contribution will have full and total attribution information in the book.

Not that you wouldn’t most likely do it for nothing, but just to make it interesting, every contributor will have their name put in a virtual hat (one entry per name/blog)and drawn randomly at our next months anniversary for a $25 Amazon or I-tunes gift card. I know it’s not a lot, but I’m on an extremely limited budget right now. 😉

Once again, I apologize if I’m breaking any blog-etiquette rules with my request. If it’s too bad, I can even trash this post and re-write. And if I’m being too shy and overly self-deprecating, then just ignore it!

Nia’s Eyes

For my Christmas Girl…a present. ;)

Trees and flowers seem to shake themselves in the rain, like birds in a puddle, drops flying every which way with the wind.

From her heart the images pour,
color and light and clarity,
through her eyes the pictures soar,
gifted to us in her charity.

Rainwashed brick winds through the town, an ancient ribbon tying the years together, beauty to be found even in the thought-to-be mundane.

Her talent is seemingly boundless,
the camera her all-seeing eye,
her pictures, though technically soundless,
sing a paen to earth and to sky.

Rust streaks paint hymns on ancient stones, revealing the soul within. Centuries of rainfall wash away the inconsequential, until only the eternal survives.

Starkly real or painted lies,
each one a true creation,
they let us see behind her eyes,
witness imagination.

Visions smeared through tear-stained glass, all nature in mourning for the sun.

Thank you for your loving heart,
your talent and dedication,
for sharing with us all, your art,
a gift to all the nations.

Silvered drops hop, in puddles, like a child in new rain gear. Hear the tinkling laughter?

Fan Girl

Eeee!  I am -so- fan-girling right now!  Just for fun I sent a link to my Coyote Tanka to Charles DeLint, not really expecting an answer, and especially not so quickly…and he liked them!  I quote…”Loved them!  Thanks for sharing.”  Simple, I know, but…since he was most of their inspiration in his stories and his wonderful imagery, I’m thrilled that he liked them.  For a not even one month old blog, I’m learning and growing more in my craft (enough that I feel confident in -calling- it my craft) than in all my 42 years.  So thank you all!!