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Holy cow awesome! This kid is a future…everything! Engineer, entrepreneur, architect…don’t think there’s anything he can’t do if he gets his hands on it. Watch the video, you’ll love it, and there’s a link to give a dollar to help Caine get a higher education. Encourage genius and imagination, people! 🙂

Shambolic Living

I love this video. Caine takes the whole playing with cardboard boxes to a new level and kudos to his Dad for letting his son go wild with his imagination.

The video was made by a guy called Nirvan Mullick who just happened to wander into the spare parts auto shop one day and discovered Caine’s Arcade.

There is now a college fund established when you can donate a dollar to get Caine a higher education.

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Wow. Sound familiar to anyone? 😉 Awesome image work and very sense-filling. 🙂


I’ve always been jealous of painters –

With canvas and brush

They capture in one image

What may take thousands of words

To describe.

Each stroke of a pencil

Shows love, patience, or fear,

And there are more shades of color

In the visual spectrum

Than words to describe them.

But even with a brush

It takes a true artist

To make you hear

The haunting melody of a violin

Played by a grieving father

As his daughter’s body grows cold

With the setting sun.

It takes a true artist

To make you feel, through sight,

The gentle caress of a spring zephyr

Against a child’s face

Versus the deceptive calm

Before a Summer storm.

Maybe painters are not so lucky after all –

A poet’s phrase,

Like each stroke of a well-trained brush,

Strives to expose,

To explain,

To tie one more knot

In a world of loose ends,

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Poems on the way

Working on several things at once, with the result that nothing is getting done.  Gonna concentrate on the Red Riding Hood retell, because that’s my fave right now, but I also have some nifty pics by Christina over on Artblablablog that I will be writing little poems and/or stores for.

Not to mention a handful of new poems that are brewing for now…  😉  Just wanted to let y’all know that just because I don’t post for a bit, doesn’t mean I’m not here.  😛

Love, KC


PS:  Woot for 40 followers a week after we hit 30!  *hugs*  I love you guys!

Stay tuned for book updates

Sorry to leave people hanging about the book…I’m waiting on an email from Kickstarter as to whether or not our book falls under the heading of “Charity projects” which for some reason Kickstarter doesn’t do.  😦  I’m hoping I can slip it under the wire somehow, because having some money to help with printing costs and etc. will be essential.  

On the other hand, if Kickstarter doesn’t work out, I was thinking of maybe making the book an e-book, instead of a paper one. Easier to distribute, at least!  😉 I even have a name for it already, unless anyone thinks it’s dumb.  “Bones of Ash, Heart of Glass”   🙂

Stay tuned for further updates, and -thank you-, those of you who’ve pledged your support/words to the project.  *hugs*

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