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Endemic to the Species

Attitude, prejudice, rumour and lies,

disdain radiates from bright painted eyes,

crossed arms and tapping feet, a language unread 

that poisons the air with words left unsaid,

laughter with ill intent, anger for fun,

cliques form and break like ice in the sun,

whispers and secrets and rumours and pain,

it circles around me again and again, 

as I watch it go by, my eyes see the truth,

the name on the signboard, “The Carousel of Youth”

Pitch Party!

My 25 word pitch for my book, Blue and Grey, is up for dissecting over at Madisons blog.  If you want, run on over there, check it out, and give me your honest opinion…would you buy it?  😉


Edit: Since Madison has moved, I’ll put the pitch here, in case anyone digs and finds this post.  😉

Blue, an unwilling cat shapeshifter, and Grey, a master burglar and shapeshifting fox, form an uneasy alliance in a post-apocalyptic city.