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Doug Baldauf #3: A darker side.


Alone and cold
I walk this winter beach
watching for the sun
that hasn’t shown its face
to make its presence known
before it slips
behind the darker colder gray
dividing night from day
and earth from sky.

I wonder at the gulls
and do their feathers keep them warm
and think of summer
(will it ever come?)

And when will I grow up
or did I years ago
when I heard there was no Santa Claus.


Don’t ask so many questions
prying makes me nervous
can’t you love me without owning me?
what’s inside me
I hardly understand myself.

I saw a deer in a National Park
She ran free and wild
but safe she knew
if she stayed within her boundaries
I spoke gently to her
and she came close enough
to eat crumbs from the palm of my hand.

Then she ran away to her snowy woods
as quickly as she came.

But later
as I walked along that same road
she came down through the trees
to see me again
I loved her for that.

I don’t need you all the time
but I need you
And I can love you better
when you give me room to breathe.


The deviant moon shines up above,

The paper lies naked before me,

I call to the words that lay all about,

But they only laugh, and ignore me.

I coax and cajole, I whine and I beg,

I promise them ice cream, or candy,

I throw temper fits, I scream and I hit,

Beat my head onto anything handy.

Finally, finally, they rise and they stretch,

And lazily saunter toward me,

And one after one, they crawl onto the page,

Like a present they brought to reward me.

I shake my head, sigh, and shift them around,

Like a puzzle, link one to another,

Obedient now, they slip into place,

Each one lying next to its brother.

I pet and I praise them, each adverb and noun,

I treat them with care and with love,

As they lie on the paper, so proud and so true,

And the deviant moon shines above.