A poetic journey through my mind

A River flows

mind of diamond, sharp as sin, secrets held so deep within,
not my secrets, not my war, still I wonder what they made me for.

hunted, broken, lost and found, she knows the ways to go to ground,
she steps outside her minds embrace, to hide from the eternal chase.

she speaks as one, and sometimes two, she hears them speak, the loyal crew,
without words she sees their thoughts, the yes and no, the shouldn’ts and ought’s.

I am she, and sometimes me, and sometimes someone else beside,
my brother and my new family, they don’t know where I go to hide.
I can rove through future, past, the trappings of the worlds embrace,
and hide myself in deepest dark, in endless light and lightless Space.

they chase and hound her, hands of blue, but with her, come her family/crew,
daring both the dark and light, to keep her from their evil sight.

they chase her for the gift they gave, the torment locked so deep inside,
but safe now in the ships soft womb, she knows full well the winning side.
the captain brave, so strong and tall, her brother with his quick sure hands,
who left his life to give her hers, although he seldom understands.

the pilot with his ready laugh, who keeps the ship so straight and true,
the warrior woman, dark and tall, the lovely lady, heart of the crew,
the fixer, sweet as apple pie, the shepherd with his own dark past,
the mercenary, tough and gruff. among them, she belongs, at last.

3 responses

  1. Brilliant can we expect more about her, them …………….. life!

    December 6, 2012 at 3:57 pm

    • KC

      *lol* If you want more, it’s easy…watch Joss Whedon’s “Firefly”. 😉 It’s an awesome sci-fi series that was cut short -way- too early, then sort of completed/continued in the movie “Serenity”. Seriously, if you like sci-fi at all, watch it! My 72 yr. old dad who thinks sci-fi is nonsense and a waste of time, is newly addicted to “Firefly” on Netflix.

      Also, this is one of a planned series…each one concentrating on a member of the crew through River’s eyes (because she’s my favorite character). So yeah, watch for more, or watch this space for more! *hugs*

      KC Browncoat Sloan

      Can’t stop the signal!

      December 6, 2012 at 10:16 pm

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