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Suzi’s Saga: Fiction Relay chapt. 35

This is part 35 of the Fiction Relay serial story, following the adventures and misadventures of Suzi and those she impacts.  To read the rest of the story, or just see a summary so far, go here.  To see who is crazy enough to play this game, and see how you might join the insanity, go here.

One quick look back…and then to the road once more. Somewhere behind her, red and blue lights painted their rude graffiti onto the red rock walls of the canyon, but all she saw was a pair of haunting (and a bit haunted) blue eyes. Eyes that could tease and taunt, freeze and burn…eyes that had seared themselves into her almost as long as she could remember.
Since she “joined” the Club, at 8 yrs. old, there had been Spencer. Ten yrs. old, the directors son, and a boy…all things calculated to be sure that their paths never met, at pain of mortal embarrassment and peer humiliation. But like her, Spence had never been a rule follower. Unlike her, however, he didn’t necessarily -break- rules…he just made new ones, that only applied as he saw fit.
For instance, the rule was that Blue (or Sammy, at the time) belonged to him. Her cadet training, her fire-arms qualification, and eventually the discovery and training of her many talents (all that she admitted to, anyway) were all under close supervision and scrutiny, watched over by those eyes. And after-hours, as well. It was Spence who taught her how to drive, practicing with her side-by-side on the back lot from age 12 until she left on the search for her mother. It was Spence who teased her hidden talents from her, one by one, pulling them out and helping her practice those, as well. By that time, he was 16 to her 14, and discretion became the rule.
Especially once the friendship began to deepen. Especially once the Mentor/Student dynamic began to slip, in new and exciting ways. Discretion. Discretion among her peers, discretion among her trainers/teachers…and most of all, discretion among the higher-ups. The new rule was that Blue was Spence’s reluctant assistant, working hard to stretch her “leash” by volunteering for outside missions, and solo missions, almost exclusively. The truth…known solely to the two of them…was that their “connection” had strengthened, over the years. Whatever the…thing…they had between them, it was now so strong that it didn’t matter how far away she was from him, if he chose he could see through her eyes, feel with her hands…or her heart.
The fact that he knew how afraid she was of being “taken over”, of losing control, and chose to respect that, chose to give -her- the power of choice, of reaching out to him or not…for that, if for nothing else, she felt for him. This most recent meeting? It needed pondering. It needed thought, to reach past the emotion, past the pleasure/pain, past the mysterious words…thought that could best be done off the road, and perhaps over a drink.
Besides, the urgency of the chase had begun to calm a bit, the closer she got to “home”…to the Club. It was fairly obvious, now, where her mother would end up…which gave her a chance for a short break. Some breathing room, a chance to sort through this new thing. Spotting a familiar symbol on the next exit sign, she grinned, and slowed to make the turn.

The man known as Sanderson moved to sit at the long table, his stride strong and confident, and his smile quick and sure. As he approached, Sam tried to get a better look at him…for one moment, he thought he might have caught a glimpse…then in the next, he knew better. In that moment, with a sly wink, the “man” let himself be seen. The aura lifted, and Sam shuddered, almost falling to his knees from the force of the personality that stood in front of him. A child staring bare-eyed into the eclipse, he knew his mistake, knew his limits, and quickly slammed his eyes (both sets) closed. Cautiously opening his eyes as the confident steps moved away, toward Meagan and her new friend, Jose, he breathed in, seeing only the man once more, aura and all. A quick mischievous grin flashed where only he could see let him know that his relief had not gone unnoticed…and a quick glance to his friends showed that they were unaware of his distress, or of any pause in “Sanderson”‘s advance. Resolving to tighten his supervision, Sam mentally shook himself, and settled into guard mode.

Ephraims law-trained skills of observation coupled with the habits of a lifetime spent hiding the effects of his “talents” from others were all that kept the shock from his face as the creature calling itself “Sanderson” passed between Sam and the table. The visions were one thing. He’d had them all his life, and by now they were almost familiar. Annoying, sometimes painful, and escalating, recently, for some reason…but known. When he’d been in the orphanage, and realized that the pills were supposed to change him, give him what it gave the others…it had been a huge relief to just pretend that it had worked, that the visions were just starting, and oh-my-gosh what’s all this then?
But this…he took another long look as “Sanderson” moved to sit at the table. On the surface, he saw what everyone saw…an old man, still strong and confident, in charge, with a mysterious aura that seemed to cause different reactions in each of them. But underneath…literally… well, start with the face. The long grey-furred muzzle, shading into grizzled tan as it neared the mischievous grey-blue eyes, then back to grey to the tips of the tall pointed ears that stuck up through “Sandersons” mane of white hair like reeds from a pond. Add a long furry tail, shaded similarly, and what Ephraim could only term a “cowboy outfit”…faded blue workshirt, worn jeans, dusty and very well lived-in boots…and a gun in a holster that seemed almost to shimmer, as if it fit in both worlds. He mentally shook his head, but the view didn’t change…and the look on the humanoid coyotes face as it glanced at him…and winked…he took a deep breath, and tried to look alert as he and Sam were motioned to take a seat at the table as well.

The naughty little donkey that symbolized “Bad Ass Coffee” almost seemed to grin as Blue pulled into the lot, parking next to a long line of other bikes of all sizes and shapes. Sniffing appreciatively at the smell of good coffee, frying bread, and locally brewed…well, brew…she pushed her way through the doors. Not what the average person would picture as the typical biker bar, Bad Ass nonetheless endeared itself to the locals, wherever the franchise went. As far as she was concerned, the coffee and food were enough, but the safety and protection she felt in the company of other bikers was a pretty hefty chunk of frosting on that cake.
She grabbed a table, literally, scooping up one of the tiny two person tables and carrying it to a chosen spot, with a view out the window at the road, and her bike. Swinging a chair around to sit backward on it, arms leaning on the chair back, she grinned up at the waiter as he approached. “Hey! I didn’t know the coffee came with eye candy…” He winked at her, flipping his hair over his shoulder so that she could see the rainbow stud in his ear. “Look all you want…looking doesn’t hurt. So what can I get for you today?”
She grinned, and opened her mouth to speak…but all that came out was a whistling scream, as something hit her hard enough to knock the wind out of her lungs. Desperately trying to draw in a breath, eyes blurring, she looked to the waiter…and stumbled to her feet, kicking the chair in front of her, as he scrambled toward her. His face was set in a terrifying snarl, showcasing almost all of his sharp pointed fangs, and his eyes were pools of flame. Wheezing, she kept stumbling backward, kicking chairs and pulling tables over to slow him down. Snarling and snapping he climbed the obstacles, clearing the distance between them almost obscenely quickly. As her back hit the wall, he howled, triumphantly, and charged her, fangs and claws at the ready…but the moment they touched her skin, she blinked…and slumped, closing her mouth, finding herself still on her original seat, and the waiter and half the bar staring wide-eyed at her.
“Umm…are you ok, Miss? Is there anything I can do? Get you?” She just shook her head, mutely, a shiver starting in the small of her back. “I…I’m fine…just a…a thing. S-sorry..” The shiver grew into a full-body shudder, and her hands clenched on the back of the seat, white-knuckled. “Sorry, I…I have to…” Her teeth chattered with the force of the chills that shook her, and her head spun dizzily as she tried to stand.
The waiter moved to steady her, frowning as she jerked back from him, eyes wide with panic… “Hey, now…maybe you better sit back down, ok? Get you some water?” She shook her head, frantically, and took a step back from him…and crumpled to the floor of the bar, unconscious.

11 responses

  1. They are all coming together! Pretty intense scene at the end KC… nice writing. This line caught my attention right off the bat… red and blue lights painted their rude graffiti onto the red rock walls of the canyon… loved it!

    June 23, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    • p.s. please change that t to an e…

      June 23, 2013 at 6:59 pm

      • KC

        Done! ;p

        June 23, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    • KC

      *claps, laughs* Yay! I wrote that line for you…knew you’d like it. 😉 It’s Dawns fault…she handed me a nifty set of toys, and I didn’t even get to play with half of them…now we just have to see what everyone else does with -my- toys…*eg*

      June 23, 2013 at 7:23 pm

  2. I’m with Ted – great start, intense ending, And inbetween we have great character development and back story. I love the Spencer / Blue past, and Sanderson becomes more mysterious and powerful every time he appears in the story.
    Truly great work, KC, i love the imagination you bring to the Relay and your vivid descriptions.

    June 24, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    • KC

      Aww…careful, boss, you’ll make me blush. *g* Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hope everyone else does too!

      I just thought that poor Spence was getting a bum rap…from Cara’s story he obviously cares for Blue, and giving him a couple years on her should soothe the age worries a bit, I hope. I apologize for not making her age clearer, she acts like a much older woman, rather than the girl that she should have had time to be. This is where the difference in genre’s really comes into play. In my usual genres, post-apocalyptic/dystopian futures, or urban fantasy, the “kids” have usually led lives that we would -never- hope for, for our kids in the “real” world. These experiences tend to make them grow up quickly, and deal with things differently and more practically than if they were allowed the childhood we would wish for them. Blue is a soldier…she has been trained since 8 yrs. old to be a soldier in a war in which the enemy has power that can’t even be imagined, let alone sufficiently prepared for, Thanks to her own powerful personality and self sufficiency coupled (no pun intended) with Spences support and guidance, she managed to escape becoming a mostly mindless soldier, like most of the others…but it’s that very sense of individuality, of innate privilege, and simple faith in her capabilities (plus a -slight- hint of megalomania…;p) that have gotten her into the most trouble, and will likely continue to do so. *eg*

      As for Sanderson…*grins*…while it’s not the path I had originally intended to try to steer him onto, I’m hoping people will have fun with this one…and it’s not my fault! Y’all put him/them in flipping New Mexico, f’goshsake. How could I resist throwing one of my favorite mythical avatars into the mix, when you drop me into the middle of his stomping grounds? *giggles* Trickster and I have a long and involved history, and I hope letting him come play in the story can only lead to much more fun…and chaos, as if we needed any more. *eg*

      June 24, 2013 at 10:19 pm

      • it’s fascinating to read your analysis of Blue and it all fits completely with how she has been written to date – proof you drew her so clearly from the very start. And i like how you then draw Spence into that backstory to give HIM more detail too.
        As for Sanderson, well that just shows how we can write a character or a location, and by the time it comes round to us again they have changed from what we though. And thats why i love writing the Relay 🙂

        June 25, 2013 at 12:23 pm

  3. Holy sh*t! I bow, prostrate before your prowess, o mighty storyteller. LOVED this!!!! 😀

    Okay, you had me at the beginning, when you did the backstory between Spense and Blue. Brilliant! Cleared up a lot of previous concerns, and kept that piece of the story in full-activation. Then, I loved the continuation of the Sanderson-scene, getting to “see” him from both Sam and Ephraim’s POVs. Nice psychological tension going on there! THEN, to go back to Blue, you added some immediate, edge-of-my-seat, cliffhanger, physical tension, and I wanted to keep reading! NEEDED to! Excellent work, KC! (Oh, and LOL @ “Bad Ass Coffee”… with a donkey logo? Ha! Please tell me this is your original idea…?) **bows low again**

    Can’t wait to see what (Hasty? TRG?) comes up with next! 🙂

    June 24, 2013 at 11:05 pm

    • KC

      *laughs* Again with the blushing…*hugs* Seriously, thanks. I was worried about this one, hoping it wasn’t too far afield, or too disjointed. I’m glad you liked the Blue/Spencer history, you were the one I was most concerned about with that bit. As I said in the comment I wrote TRB (The Reclining Boss…;p) I really am sorry that the age thing upset people, even a little. For me, it’s just a tool in my writers kit…”strong young adults that have survived adversity at the price of losing their childhood, but have kept their strong sense of self intact”…so when I created Blue, that was the template I used. I honestly didn’t even think about how it would seem to people with actual kids, and for that knowledge and reminder I have to thank you. 🙂

      As for Bad Ass…well, kinda. There is a coffee shop that -almost- gets away with using that name in Salt Lake City, UT. (they have to sensor the “bad word”… >.<) but they don't have the donkey logo (I used to tell them they should, even designed one for them, but the manager wouldn't go for it. 😦 ), and it's just your typical cyber-cafe/coffee hangout (albeit with great coffee and pastries). The idea of using it as a biker "bar", for "atypical" bikers, just tickled me. I wanted someplace where Blues age wouldn't be an issue, and I know that the stereotypical grungy dark no-nonsense BAR type bar is really not as prevalent as people would think. I've also traveled through New Mexico, and I know that that sort of sense of humor and fun is very typical of the Santa Fe area (God, I want to live in Santa Fe sooo badly. *sighs*) and I wanted to bring that in as well. So fry-bread and coffee, ice cold bottled beer and locally brewed on-tap…anyone wanta help me start one? *grins*

      June 24, 2013 at 11:29 pm

  4. Missed this installment of the story. So much going on here. Well done explaining Blue and Spencer’s relationship. Makes their sex scene seem less skeevy.

    July 2, 2013 at 3:27 pm

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