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For Carolyn

Caring hands and smiling face,
Quick response, efficient grace,
Words that mark how much she cares,
No other in the world compares,
No one knows the help she’s been,
Our Mary, I mean Carolyn. ;p


(Carolyn was another awesome CNA, although she left before I did.  I hope you don’t mind the repetitivity, cause I have more to go in this “Series”.  ;p  Oh, and to explain the last line…there is a sweet 58yr. old Downs Syndrome man here, and for some reason he calls Carolyn “Mary”…a -lot-…so, the tease.  *g*)

For Eugene and Inga

eugБольшое спасибо!
One of you was always there,
To keep the nights from stress and care,
All the small things you did with a smile,
And the big ones that piled up, mile on mile,
No arguments, no crankiness,
attention to detail all the time,
I’ll miss you in my long lonely nights,
And so I wrote this little rhyme.
До свидания!

( Eugene and Inga are an awesome married couple who work as Certified Nurses Assistants at the rehab I’ve been in for 6 and a half weeks, and I wanted to say goodbye properly since I leave tomorrow.  And for those of us who can’t read cyrillic, let alone Russian:  on top, Thank You Very Much.  on the bottom, Goodbye. )