A poetic journey through my mind

Alice in Pundit-land (Trigger warning…may cause inappropriate giggling)

I feel as lost as Alice felt,
deep in the Tulgey wood,
not even knowing what size to be,
or whether I’m bad, or good.

I’m running as hard as I can run,
but I’m getting nowhere fast,
and as I run past them, the cards all stare,
their mouths all agape and aghast.

I’ve lost my train ticket,I don’t even know
if the track’s running forward or back,
or just who is whispering deep in my ear,
and do they hold the meaning I lack?

I’ve so many names that to simply lose one
is no sort of trouble at all,
and if the tea party weren’t totally mad,
I should tell them just who they could call.

My old friend Humpty is up on his wall,
adjusting his cravat and tie,
as the creatures shout words to be sure they are heard,
and the white knight goes galloping by.

The White King wrestles with paper and pen,
as he writes nonsense words on the pad,
it’s not his fault, you know, my dear…
it’s the pencil that’s being so bad.

The Red Queen is playing games out in the field,
and everyone gives her her way,
and as all the nonsense flies into the air,
I find just one last thing to say:

“Off with her head, off with her head, by order of the king…you heard what she said!”

One response

  1. Kyotzeta is back in the saddle again… I love it!!!

    June 13, 2014 at 2:34 am

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