A poetic journey through my mind

Rage (sligt trigger warning,, contains “bad” words…oh, and aso blood. lots blood. )

Do you want to reveal my true personality,

Reach down inside and switch on the duality,

Run screaming in fear from the horrid reality?

See the dog bitch that hides in my insanity,

Face down in the dirt cause she don’t got no vanity,

Covered with blood cause she lost her humanity.

Tearing her chest with her blood covered fingers,

To tear out the heart where the memory lingers,

Till they shut her down quick with their zap guns and stingers.

And then that bitch died, 

Yeah they shoved her inside,

And she tore her way down to a dark place to hide.

And that’s where she’ll stay,

Cause they locked her away,

With curses and words and the shit that they say.

But sometimes she growls,

And sometimes she howls,

Or screams in those words that got nothing but vowels.

That’s why I sing,

Why I let the words ring,

Because calming the beast is a wonderful thing.

So I sing about dignity, valor and might,

 I sing at the Moot, and I sing in the night,

And my blood sings a song in the midst of the fight.

And the bitch settles down,

Crawls back deep underground,

I feed her with sound.

And that’s who I am,

Call me out if you can,

And I’ll take what you like to think makes you a man

So don’t mess with this bitch,

Unless you got the itch,

To be lying in pieces, in some muddy ditch.



2 responses

  1. Whoa… WTF! I am not a big fan of rap… but this ain’t bad. Waiting for the video.

    June 13, 2014 at 2:37 am

    • KC

      *lol* What I am noticing most is how many typo’s there are in that title/warning…I wrote the poem one day, then decided to put it up another day…at about 3 a.m. and 2 oxycodone and a xanax. (It was storming for 3 days, so ouch-pain, and I’m having constant anxiety issues because my dad keeps saying he’s not gonna make it till christmas, and sleeping all day, and things like that…he’s 73. *rolls eyes* Thus the xanax.) I think I’ll leave it alone, warts and all, though…all of y’all speak fluent typo-ese, the language of the inter-webz.

      As for the song…it’s another one that’s connected to a roleplay character…this one’s my new Werewolf in a LARP. I won’t go into detail about the game except to say that it’s not a bite, they’re born that way, but if they’re human they usually have their first “change” around puberty…and usually wake up covered in blood, depending on where they were and who made them angry enough to frenzy, it might be the blood of family, as in her case. She’s a beat poet, and having trouble accepting the rank system among the wolves, thus the poem/rap.
      And yeah, sorry for dissappearing on y’all…stupid mental hospitals don’t believe in the necessity for -some- internet access, even if carefully monitored. >.< Prisoners get internet…people in hospitals get internet…mental health patients/clients get to smoke (some places)…but we internet addicts get no love. So iow, I'm glad to be back, and gonna try to keep going. *hugs*

      June 13, 2014 at 3:41 am

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