A poetic journey through my mind


The Bad Thing

Softly she stumbles,
Silently weeping,
Down past the rooms where her children lie sleeping,
Down the dark stairs she goes cautiously creeping,
No light required, her feet know the way.

On one hand soft fingers hold tear stained note lightly,
The other a fist on which knuckles show whitely,
Fear, rage and shame are all mingling tightly,
As outside the nighttime brightens toward day.

Soon she’ll be leaving the note so deceiving,
her heart deep in grieving for memories lost, while upstairs the villain snores loudly, sleeps soundly, midst blankets and pillow as if by storm tossed.

And young ones will wonder at lives torn asunder, how silently thunder can come in the night, filling lifes pages with a nightmare of rages, forcing the caged bird to finally take flight.


On the bright side, he loves me,
On the bright side, he’s home,
On the bright side, I’m with him,
not here in the dark on my own.

In the light of the bright side the darkness seems endless, the patterns repeating again and again, and the glare of the bright side is searing and deadly, pinpointing where the light ends.

On the bright side, he loves me,
On the bright side, she’s gone,
On the bright side, I’m with him,
not here in the dark all alone.

On the bright side (where is it?) I’m with him (I miss you) not here in the dark all alone…

Valentines and Tinsel: A Love Song in Three Parts

Ice and fire, fire and rain,
the opposite attracts,
Drowned in tears and burning rage,
a heart beneath the axe.

“She could never forgive him, for what he didn’t say.”

Dance on air, fall to earth,
open up your eyes,
“Love will lift you” is no lie,
it just wears a disguise.

“I thought “I love you” meant forever…not until.”

Take your chances, place your bets,
the best is yet to come,
You may yet live to sit alone,
uncomfortably numb.

Dearing, my Dearing

(This was written for a lady I met who had the unfortunate luck of being named Dearing.  While I love the name, this poem almost immediately sprung into my creatively sick mind, and I hope you like it.  Half Poe and half Edward Gorey…enjoy!)

Oh Dearling, my Dearling, let’s run away,
Sampling the ephemeral bright Springtime day
Drinking Spring wine,
“Forever!” we’ll say.
Oh Dearling, my Dearling, let’s run away.

Dearing, my darling, let’s run away,
You with your bright skin,
Me with my grey,
And sample the goodness of each summers day,
Oh, Dearing, my darling, let’s run away.

Oh, my darling Dearing, let’s run away,
Through the bright crispness of each Autumn day,
Smell of campfire,
And pumpkin decay,
Oh, my darling Dearing, let’s run away.

Oh, Darling, my Darling, I’ll lock you away,
Deep in the ice, and with carved letters, say…
This is my Dearing,
She once ran away.
Oh, Darling, my Darling, forever you’ll stay,
Deep in the ice of a cold Winters day.



If you’d never known me, would you miss me?
Would you sometimes listen for a voice that isn’t there,
Would certain smells remind you of a place you’d never been,
Or would you catch a glimpse of me, passing on the stair?

I remember you, although we’ve never met.
I know your eyes, your smile, your breath upon my ear,
I see you in the empty bed, and in the other chair,
I hear your laugh out on the street, and always will, I fear.

Your face sneaks up on me, sometimes,
in keepsakes and old photos, streaked with tears,
proof ephemeral and fine, these memories of you;
the stranger that I never knew, but loved so many years.


my lady, should i tell you now, or would it strike your mind with fear,

how i’ve known you from afar, and yearned, and now the path is clear,

your mind shines warm within my heart, with clever quip and gentle jest,

i warm myself at your bright fire, and feel myself completely blessed.

my lady of the lovely eyes, at least that’s how they seem to me,

although i cannot see them shine, as you are yet a dream to me,

i feel your strength, and loving heart, and in your words i hear your soul,

and in your hidden arms i rest, at rest at last, completely whole.