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The Sitch

Meh and double-meh and other words of frustration. ¬†Once again I am esconced in a perfectly lovely rehab, for more work on my wounded leg…and all that is fine, other than spending Christmas away from home ūüė¶ ¬†but it has complicated my already challenging work on Chapt. 50. ¬†Not that I am having trouble writing it…what I am having trouble with is -not- writing it. ¬†I’ve gone from a 2,000 word mess that wouldn’t gel…to a 4,000 word piece that won’t let me quit! ¬†Everyone in it wants their own say, and just keep pouring it into my brain and out my fingers, despite my grumbling, griping, and bitching. ¬†If it doesn’t settle down by this Friday, I’m giving up and letting someone else have it. ¬†I’ll keep my story, and y’all can read it to see what’s what…but as it stands now, it’s just too big and involved and…annoying. ¬†*sighs* ¬†I -really- need help with keeping things concise. ¬†Trouble is, my writing is, like my poetry, word pictures…and I hate to leave any corner empty. ¬†I mean…then people might miss an important detail! ¬†>.< ¬†I love you guys, and I’m really really sorry this has been so much trouble…and thank you -so- much for your patience. ¬†*hugs*