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Why are roses symbolic of blood, the bitter red drops on the snow,
a girls red cloak, evil red shoes, an apples rosy glow?

Why red?

Is it a symbol of innocence lost, of the pain that comes only with growth?
Of red stains adrift on a white sea of linen, the sight that sealed many a troth?

Why red?

Is it a sign of sacrifice given, red on the spotless white bib of a crane
that speaks with a silence more telling than words of a glory that transcends mere pain?

Why red?

Is it a sign of death and destruction, fire and doom and despair?
The sign that means Stop and Danger and Warning, the color of Watch,
and Beware!

Why red?
Why red?
Why red?

Red is the color of love and devotion, of Valentine roses and hearts,
of poppy fields bright in the sunshine, of cherries and bright berry tarts,
The flash of a fire against sooty red brick, warm coals glowing deep in a stove,
a ladybugs luck, a cardinals red flash, a sunset, like Gods treasure trove.