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Ripper (sample of wip)

(This is just a bit of a story I’m  working on, thought I’d throw it up here and see if anyone thinks it’s worth keeping.  ;p)

“…what I’m looking for…” The phrase drifts, a scrap on the wind, the ancient melody almost completely obscured by the whine of ‘Dogs antique gennies grumbling to life. “Yo,’Dog! You seen Tea?” Seadog turns his bullet-eyed glare from the grease-covered hulk in front of him, making damn sure I feel the sting before he speaks. “No.” Convo over, he turns the gaze back to the recalcitrant metal, which I swear seems to wriggle with shame before its heat. “Umm..right. Well, uh, if you do..” An impatient grunt is my only answer, which is anyway better than I expected.
‘Dogs moniker comes from his temper, rather than any oceanic experience… he’s Seadog cause he likes to jump salty at any time…so I know better than to expect any further clarification. “Thanks!” Dodging the random machine part that flies in my direction, I take off again through the yard, eyes peeled for my sister-bae. “Tea! Hey, Teabag! Wake up, damnit! We gotta get stripped, it’s fight night!” An irritated grunt from behind a pile of scrap heralds the appearance of a scarecrow-gurl…hay hair sticking out from under a grease mottled cap, shaking black-nailed (grime, not paint) hands shading red rimmed blue eyes in a streaked white face. The voice, when it comes, matches the affect. “Ahh, crom. Seriously? You’re not pulling one?”
I groan. “Tea…man…tell me you didn’t go partying the night before a fight…” The scarecrow shakes her head…although the face she pulls then says she regrets it. “I didn’t go partying the night before a fight…it was two nights ago.” She looks up at the sky as if she might spot a calendar up there somewheres, and grimaces. “…I think.”

Horror in 33 words or less. (TW: tear-jerker)

Fun little challenge by Eric Alagan…thought I’d give it a try, since I’ve been struggling with the 100 word stuff.  Let me know what you think, then hop over to his page and check out the rest, in his comment section, if you feel like it!


Tiny red sneaker dangling nervelessly from one shaking hand, she stood frozen in shock, half in and half out of the patio door, her other hand fumbling her cellphone from her pocket. “911?”



This one is…kinda weird.  I like some of the images, although they feel scattered.  I really had a theme in mind when I wrote it, I promise.  The rhyme scheme just kinda happened, but it’s interesting.  😉

A place to hide
a lookout stand
shelter from the storm

time and tide
not what I planned
function not the form

sun through the clouds
breaking the ice
waters running free

lost in the crowds
a roll of the dice
Merlin in the tree

free from the past
here in the now
stability and status quo

flying half-mast
behind the plough
a tougher row to hoe