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I don’t usually read Freshly Pressed blogs…more of that contrariness that so informs my personality quirks…but I got hooked, and clicked.  Most of the post is funny, but the last two paragraphs surprised a full belly-laugh from me, and I wanted to share.  Mind, I’m a big fan of the Travel Channel‘s food programming,  like Bizarre Foods and No Reservations, but I cook like the second paragraph, so it was especially funny to me…but I think it’ll hit home with most.  😉

“I, admittedly, enjoy reading up about consumables but food culture sort of misses me.  I think a part of me wants to understand because I really do love a variety of foods but I always seem to fall short once it starts to sound like an erotic novel about rare ingredients.  Then again, I suppose the alternative isn’t much better:

“I cooked some beef today because it was on sale and I hadn’t had any in a while.  I was going to cook a nice chicken curry with rice but then realized that it was going to be just me and I needed to eat that beef because it was starting to stink.  It needed some salt, so I salted it.  I’d say it was pretty okay because I didn’t get all that sick.””

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Random funny

From "Precocious" by Christopher J Paulsen. My new favorite webcomic.

Just happened across this while surfing the archive of my favorite new webcomic and it totally giggled me.  Thought I’d share!