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Childlike, not Childish

It’s a long slow leap from child to man,
but most of us it seems we ran,
straight through the joys of childhood days,
into the pain of adult ways.

Far better to have stopped and stayed,
than never to have loved and played,
all on the shore of childhoods sea,
at least that’s how it seems to me.

Fan Girl

Eeee!  I am -so- fan-girling right now!  Just for fun I sent a link to my Coyote Tanka to Charles DeLint, not really expecting an answer, and especially not so quickly…and he liked them!  I quote…”Loved them!  Thanks for sharing.”  Simple, I know, but…since he was most of their inspiration in his stories and his wonderful imagery, I’m thrilled that he liked them.  For a not even one month old blog, I’m learning and growing more in my craft (enough that I feel confident in -calling- it my craft) than in all my 42 years.  So thank you all!!