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Where do I live, what is my pride,
What is this tickle that burrows inside?
The howling at night when the loneliness calls,
the whisper that screams down behind the white walls?
How do I find it, the place I belong,
do I follow my heart,
do I follow a song?
Do I search for a scrap of rhyme scrawled by a cloud,
or something my heart begins screaming out loud?
I’m lost in the maelstrom of “present” and “now”,
in time rushing past, can I stop it somehow?
Can I hold the years still, though the waters are strong, and finally return to the place I belong?
Lost in the whirlwind,
staring back through the years,
do I answer my heart song or follow my fears?

Little Healer

The Little Healer

The Little Healer

This one is for…well, it’s pretty obvious, actually.  He’s a pretty remarkable little guy who’s touched a lot of hearts when he shows up with his mommy, here at Palm Gardens rehab.  So enjoy, or not, but no matter what…this one’s for


little Shadow, dog of light,
with silken coat in pearly white,
never cautious, always bold…
as long as there are arms to hold.

You share your boundless love,
with those who need it most,
cuddled in the lap or arms
of any willing host.

Shadow is your name, but still
you walk in beams of light,
sent from gentle loving eyes,
through swiftly fading sight.

you warm the coldest room,
make soft the hardest heart,
with antics meant to draw the eye,
you play your biggest part.

laughter is a healing gift,
within these painted halls,
and watching you, the laughter peals,
and shakes these solemn walls.

little Shadow, precious boy,
give your love and take our joy,
a present from the grateful few
whose aging hearts were warmed by you.


the wheel of fortune spins and reels,
the stuff of dreams it costs to play,
no one misses what it steals,
until that one memorable day.

the day that dreamstuff turns to smoke,
and vanishes into thin air,
they laugh about it, even joke,
but soon enough, comes the despair.

for not a dream can they sustain,
imagination turns to clay,
a previously unknown pain,
that sits upon them, day by day.

it whispers chill into their ears,
and freezes hard the loving heart,
it causes disregard of tears,
till finally, they stand apart.

oh, wealth aplenty they may gain,
power, playthings and much more,
but nothing satisfies the pain,
life simply an unending chore.

until their deathbed, old and gray,
where waits for them the final breath,
forgotten music starts to play,
as the wheel spins once…and comes up “Death”.

the wheel of fortune spins and reels,
the stuff of dreams it costs to play,
no one misses what it steals,
until that one memorable day.

A Cardinal Moment

The sun glows bright behind the night,

My eyes too blind to see,

Until a shining  piece of life,

Flips his tail at me.

Crimson wings slice through the doom,

A candle in the dark,

Fanning the fire within my heart,

That last redeeming spark.

Loss (trigger warning: death)

The death of a child, a fruit torn from the tree,
A desperate phrase, a common refrain,
“That’s not the way it’s supposed to be!”
It echoes through time, a howl of pain.

For parents, each twig is a limb
that branches off into forever,
and when it’s lost, that light gone dim,
forever dies off into never.

Never to see that tree grown tall,
with leaves and branches proudly grown,
forever to feel that wrenching fall,
the loss in heart, and soul, and bone.

Eternal Love

My love is fair and tall and fine,
with eyes of angel blue,
His smile as bright as sunlight,
and his skin like morning dew.

I love him through the daylight,
and when the sun has gone,
I stay with him and watch him,
till with morning comes the dawn.

I know he’s thinking of me,
when a smile enters those eyes,
And when they flip to sadness,
as grey as stormy skies.

I walk with him out to the fields,
and to our special place,
And when he cries I wipe his eyes,
caress his loving face.

I tell him life is just a stage,
and now my part is done,
But I will always be with him,
from moonlight into sun.

I say that he will find a home,
with someone soft and true,
I whisper softly in the wind,
my darling, I love you.

Little Things

the mystery that lies within,
the dreaming that’s our second skin,
the paths we walk, the winds that blow,
the words that let our spirits know,
that what is now has gone before,
the quiet that’s our inner core,
the timeless wonder of the stars
that whispers “this too can be ours”,
the magic of a single minute,
that has so many choices in it,
the peace that dwells within a flower,
the lifetime held within each hour,
the caring touch of heart to heart,
the soul healing power of loving art.