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Blue Streak

Alice in blue jeans, my rabbit-hole child,
blue hair and blonde eyes and an icicle smile,
how in the world did you steal my heart, while constantly staying that one step apart?
Alice in blue jeans, my looking glass girl,
here in a flash and gone in a whirl.
Always arriving, but never to stay,
time after time you must be on your way,
how do I catch you and hold you so tight that your icicle smile melts into delight?

Doug Baldauf #2: Love Poems


you came along
to fill my heart
with warmth and joy
I only found before
in summer mornings
I promise not to hassle you
for being hard to figure
difficult to reach
and impossible not to love



For your patience
For your sense of humor
For always being there
For taking me to Hawaii
But most of all
for loving me
a long time now

I ironed all your shirts today
fourteen of them


From “Barefoot on Warm Sidewalks” by Doug Baldauf, c. 1975