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Sea Witch

the moonlit sea is in her eyes,
the tides are in her heart,
and when the stormy weather hits,
she’ll tear your soul apart,
but when the seas are calm and bright,
the moon is full and fair,
her voice is dulcet, sweet and soft,
and the stars shine in her hair,
ahh then my lady comes to me,
across the shining sea,
and sleeps contented in my arms,
snuggled close to me,
and all is right within the world,
as long as we’re together,
but all too soon she’s gone again,
as changeable as weather,
and patiently I wait for her,
for she’ll sure return to me,
as soon as the sea is calm and bright,
and the moon shines on the sea.



the longest night, a lone light shines,
a red coal in a bowl of blue,
a puff of breath steams in the night,
alighting earth and fire anew.
the bowl is passed, from hand to hand,
and wish by wish the fire grows,
fed by written word and charm,
as twice the circle round it goes.
the third time round, against the clock,
sacred incense is the fare,
the last hand reached, she takes the bowl,
and raises it into the air.
“mother moon and father sun,
take this our wishes and our dreams,
in tribute to the dying year,
and though the night eternal seems,
we thank you for returning warmth,
as father sun is born again,
rejoicing, we too are reborn,
as ever was, and will again!”
the fire flares, the light burns bright,
across the circle shadows flow,
long and slender at their feet,
and dark as ink on midnight snow.
the fire flickers, dies to coals,
as in the distance, roosters call,
the darkness once again pushed back,
the newborn sun illumines all.



eyes of amber pull me in, with crooked nose and wicked grin,
small and slender, sleek and fair, coffee skin and midnight hair,
fingers quick to pull and tease, but quicker still to pet and please,
running wild through moonlit night, eyes alert and glowing bright,
ears uplifted, tail erect, my guardian that I protect,
beneath the stars, with yipping bay, we sing the moon and call the day,
then curl in close in hidden den, until the sun is gone again.

Childling moon

whisper, giggle, prank and play,
the changelings now will have their day,
beware the mortal taken in
by childish laugh and friendly grin,
they’ll whirl him through enchanted night,
and leave him lost in mornings light,
baffled, flustered and confused,
exhausted, hungry and bemused,
but somehow lonely for the sound
of little footsteps on the ground,
and childish voices raised in glee,
footloose, all, and fancy free.

Old Man and the Moon

With a sound like the mating call of a Loon,
Old Man laughs up at the deviant Moon,
Her face sprinkled gaily with red and green lights,
She out twinkles the stars in the face of the night.

And down in the canyon, the fire flares high,
and sparks spiral upwards, toward the lights in the sky,
the Folk dance around it, their voices ring out,
the red rock walls echo with the force of their shout.

Old Man just stares upward, a grin on his face,
and watches the sparks as they soar into space,
for Man has gone outward, to find a new home,
and the Folk will go with them, wherever they roam.

The Moon twinkles welcome, as the spark Folk fly high,
soaring and diving like a Kite in the sky,
And Old Man sits down on a fire-warmed stone,
and just for a moment, he feels the alone.

With a yip and a howl, he sings to the night,
a song of farewell to those still in flight,
then, feeling content, he curls up on the boulder,
close to the coals as the night wind blows colder.

And wrapping his tail around his long nose,
Alone with the Earth, into slumber he goes.
In the morning he’ll wake, and his work will begin,
and even in sleep, the thought makes him grin.

He’ll watch over the land, and keep the light burning,
and keep the Earth safe till the Peoples returning,
and he’ll run with the cousins, and he’ll laugh like a loon,
and he’ll sing every night to the Deviant Moon.


The deviant moon shines up above,

The paper lies naked before me,

I call to the words that lay all about,

But they only laugh, and ignore me.

I coax and cajole, I whine and I beg,

I promise them ice cream, or candy,

I throw temper fits, I scream and I hit,

Beat my head onto anything handy.

Finally, finally, they rise and they stretch,

And lazily saunter toward me,

And one after one, they crawl onto the page,

Like a present they brought to reward me.

I shake my head, sigh, and shift them around,

Like a puzzle, link one to another,

Obedient now, they slip into place,

Each one lying next to its brother.

I pet and I praise them, each adverb and noun,

I treat them with care and with love,

As they lie on the paper, so proud and so true,

And the deviant moon shines above.


No Magic

Just yesterday, the moon shone blue
and the twinkling stars were gold,
but now they’re dull, they’re only stone,
and the moon is white and cold.

Just yesterday, the unicorns
grazed happily in the rain,
but now the grass lies dead and brown
across the endless plain.

Just yesterday, when I was loved,
brilliant colors filled the sky,
and every cloudbank smiled at us,
and wore a rainbow tie.

But now my love has gone away,
and life is dull and drear,
and that is why I say, my child,
there is no magic here.

Ocean lullabye

Sleep, baby, sleep,
oceans are deep,
rock in your cradle of blue.

Sleep, baby, sleep,
heavens are deep,
moonlight shines down upon you.

More shorts

the black cat sits and thinks
what are you thinking, cat?
will I ever know?

rain falls in my garden
but the sky is light
are the seagulls crying?

Behind her veil of stars
the moon peers at the earth
and winks at me.

a streak of red lightning
he zips through the air
and the world is brighter

The Moon my Mom

ever changing,
constant patterns,
cold and distant,
or warm and overwhelming,
always bright,
she dominates my horizon.

without her my world
would be endless night.

Harvest Dance

bright eyes shine and footsteps scurry,
voices whisper hurry, hurry,
come, the dance is starting soon,
underneath the harvest moon.

thru the shining city streets,
where the pulse of nightlife beats,
the call goes out, and those who hear,
are coming in from far and near.

the harvest ball will soon commence,
just behind the chainlink fence,
in the darkest part of town,
where the lady moon smiles down.

dancers gather, all together,
never mind the wind and weather,
bow and curtsey, reverance,
mingle with your favorite haunts,
twist and turn and do-si-do,
look at that big goblin go,
and though it will be over soon…
let’s dance beneath the autumn moon!