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spread my mind and guard my soul,
the me that is and always will be,
help my roots grow deep and wide,
and may you always shelter me.

may you dance with every wind,
delight the eye with every sway,
train my mind to hear and teach,
the wisdom you impart each day.

take my voice to be your song,
through street and inner-city school,
let your shelter shade the mind,
temper heat with dappled cool.

take my words to sing your praise,
and fill the ear with endless green,
until their hearts can grow again,
until their life and yours run clean.

In the Park

He looks at me with solemn eyes,
and proudly curls his tail,
his little sides go in and out
like wind inside a sail.

He freezes, frightened some would say,
but I think he’s just vain,
he waits for me to notice him,
then whisk, he’s off again.

High up into a tree he goes,
to fetch his lady fair,
then chases her across the grass,
so I can see her there.