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Childling moon

whisper, giggle, prank and play,
the changelings now will have their day,
beware the mortal taken in
by childish laugh and friendly grin,
they’ll whirl him through enchanted night,
and leave him lost in mornings light,
baffled, flustered and confused,
exhausted, hungry and bemused,
but somehow lonely for the sound
of little footsteps on the ground,
and childish voices raised in glee,
footloose, all, and fancy free.


Mystics and mantras
and telling of the truth,
Minds hard as diamond,
yet flexible as youth,
Peace in disconnection,
connecting to the all,
Knowing how far up to climb,
and how far down to fall,
How to see the nights glow
and how dark the day can shine,
These and many more I know,
and I will make them mine.

The longest night

The fever is broken,
the long night is through,
with its dreaming and crying
and hunger for you.

You’re here in my arms now,
just where you should be,
just you, the cool breeze,
the daybreak and me.

The Moon my Mom

ever changing,
constant patterns,
cold and distant,
or warm and overwhelming,
always bright,
she dominates my horizon.

without her my world
would be endless night.


Center torn and ravaged by the storm that blew you in,
I stare into the void that hides behind your eyes of sin.
A distant flash of mercy serves to emphasize the dark,
then flickers, fades and dies without a sole redeeming spark.
Poised upon the razors edge of drowning in your seas,
to break the thrall of that dark call I fall onto my knees.
I bow my head and close my eyes and hear my heart beat faster,
as if it knows, and feels you near, the presence of its master.
And now a hand, so cool and soft, to smooth my fevered brow,
then glide along my cheek and pause…a throaty whisper, “Now…”
I cannot tell from whom the voice, but know that I am lost,
my life is Yours forever more…my soul the only cost.


The seventh crow banks and wheels,
circling over the silicon sea,
eyeless he sees, and earless hears,
but never a word says he.

Of blackest midnight shape his wings,
make every quill a fountain pen,
and trace in glowing synmetry
knowledge beyond mortal ken.

Far below and all around,
bright circuitry and fields of wire,
contain the mystery within,
spelled out in runes of glowing fire.

Circling over the silicon sea,
the seventh crow keeps watch below,
faithfully he guards his charge,
the secret none shall ever know.