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The Child

Ok, so I lied…this one snuck in there and insisted to come play, so here it is.  I hope you like it, and Merry Christmas/Holiday to everyone!

a child is born, to parents poor,
his cradle is a manger, small,
in stable dark beside the inn,
in wind that whistles through the wall.

yet at his birth, the heavens sing,
the glories of a stars bright light
eclipse the lanterns of the inn
and make the sky a beacon, bright

shepherds follow, drawn by light,
and angel voices singing sweet,
gifts they bring, a blanket warm,
the rhythm of a drums soft beat.

and from the East, the wiseman come,
men of learning, traveling far,
gifts they bring, to lay before
the glory born beneath the star.

and in the heavens, angels chorus
till all the world can hear the ring,
peace on earth and mercy mild,
and glory to the newborn king.


No Magic

Just yesterday, the moon shone blue
and the twinkling stars were gold,
but now they’re dull, they’re only stone,
and the moon is white and cold.

Just yesterday, the unicorns
grazed happily in the rain,
but now the grass lies dead and brown
across the endless plain.

Just yesterday, when I was loved,
brilliant colors filled the sky,
and every cloudbank smiled at us,
and wore a rainbow tie.

But now my love has gone away,
and life is dull and drear,
and that is why I say, my child,
there is no magic here.


last star in the sky
lazily blinks its eye
night turns into day
with the scent of sun warmed hay

a dog barks down the street,
a cat purrs in the heat,
a sleepy rabbit yawns,
as a new beginning dawns.

but now a silence falls
where once were childrens calls
where sleepy parents smiled
at the antics of a child

for man’s no longer bound
like ants upon the ground
and he is gone afar
to seek a distant star

the animals now own
this paradise alone