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Sun dapple, leaf and loam,
hive and nest and hole,
root and branch and honeycomb,
make refuge for a soul.

Small bright eyes and rustle tails
bring tales of distant skies,
winged travelers from distant vales
sing him lullabies.

Rings of ages hold him tight,
through endless century,
hold him there both day and night,
the soul within the tree.

Hungry roots and thirsty leaves
connect him to the earth,
he sleeps and wakes and sleeps again,
awaiting his rebirth.



eyes of amber pull me in, with crooked nose and wicked grin,
small and slender, sleek and fair, coffee skin and midnight hair,
fingers quick to pull and tease, but quicker still to pet and please,
running wild through moonlit night, eyes alert and glowing bright,
ears uplifted, tail erect, my guardian that I protect,
beneath the stars, with yipping bay, we sing the moon and call the day,
then curl in close in hidden den, until the sun is gone again.


I thought I saw,
between the leaves,
a face I’d seen before…
…with tangled hair,
and blue-green eyes,
like driftglass on the shore.

I thought I heard,
in the whispering wind,
a laugh that filled the world…
…like silk on bark,
it rippled, tore,
as round my heart it curled.

I thought I saw,
in the shifting shade,
a form that stole my eye…
…wild as the wood
but soft as the sound
of a mothers lullabye.

I thought I heard,
as I turned away,
the sound of a distant voice…
…singing a song
as sweet as the wind,
as bitter as a choice.