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On the bright side, he loves me,
On the bright side, he’s home,
On the bright side, I’m with him,
not here in the dark on my own.

In the light of the bright side the darkness seems endless, the patterns repeating again and again, and the glare of the bright side is searing and deadly, pinpointing where the light ends.

On the bright side, he loves me,
On the bright side, she’s gone,
On the bright side, I’m with him,
not here in the dark all alone.

On the bright side (where is it?) I’m with him (I miss you) not here in the dark all alone…

Blog question

Here’s one of those annoying “asking for an opinion” entries…but I can’t help it, I need to know.  First off, can everyone see (except for my new followers, hi guys!!) the blog change?  Secondly…do people like it?  I’ve noticed that most of the writers blogs I follow tend to the “blank white” or “white background on color” schemes.  Would y’all prefer that sort of thing, or is this ok?  Any opinion will be welcomed…*hugs*

Pitch Party!

My 25 word pitch for my book, Blue and Grey, is up for dissecting over at Madisons blog.  If you want, run on over there, check it out, and give me your honest opinion…would you buy it?  😉


Edit: Since Madison has moved, I’ll put the pitch here, in case anyone digs and finds this post.  😉

Blue, an unwilling cat shapeshifter, and Grey, a master burglar and shapeshifting fox, form an uneasy alliance in a post-apocalyptic city.



writing a poem is easy. just tear out a piece of soul…a nice big one, about two heart-widths should do…and lay it flat on a hot anvil for about thirty seconds or until it stops screaming. then ready your words…be sure to shake thoroughly, or they’ll run…and take care to choose fresh thoughts, as even a hint of staleness will rip your soul. pour carefully into the needle, letter by letter, watching for excess air bubbles and intruding speech bubbles. take your prepared soul, inject words, throw result against nearest wall until it feels “right”…and there you have it. fresh poetry. (poem should stay fresh until the moment someone reads it…afterward, dispose of carefully in an appropriate facility, as words can be toxic)