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The truth, via “A Softer World”

This is from one of my favorite webcomics, “A Softer World”. Very deep, funny, sometimes even just silly stuff. It just hit me, after the last post…so here it is. Thanks Joey and Emily!


(Oh, and if you click the pic it will take you to their site, but be warned, it’s addictive.  It will eat your brain…  *eg*)


How to send your name to Mars!

How to send your name to Mars!

This is my certificate commemorating my submitting my name to the Maven Space Program for a DvD that they are sending to Mars! I love this idea! Anyone may submit a name, and -all- will go. I thought I should put this here, as this goes to my twitter acct. as well as my fb acct., so the most people will see it…I hope. 😉



St. Augustine Light House

St. Augustine Light House

I used to live right down the road from here, could walk to the park/boat dock at it’s feet…just thought I’d share some Spring-in-Florida goodness. 😉


Whut?? I don’t…even…

Whut??  I don't...even...

So these are the recommended tags for my last post…ummm… WP is on some serious drugs, man. Only explanation. Well, not only, but the other is too conspiracy theory to even say. >.>